Homestead Bakery Lofts

235 East Seventh Avenue, Homestead, PA


Projected Completion Date: December 2017

Program: 26 units of market rate housing, most affordable to moderate income households, 12,000 SF of commercial space

Total Development Cost: $6M

Funding Partners: A combination of Historic Tax Credits, state funding through the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, county support from Allegheny County Department of Economic Development and an FHA-insured mortgage

Community Partners: Three Boroughs Group

Development Team: mossArchitects, Mosites Construction, Iams Consulting, Civil and Environmental Consultants

The Homestead Bakery Lofts is the catalytic renovation and adaptive reuse of the historic Homestead Bakery property in downtown Homestead. The four and two story buildings that comprise the property were built in 1902 and 1930 respectively and have undergone many renovations. When ACTION‐Housing purchased the property in 2016; it had been vacant since 2010 and was a blighting influence on the area. Our plan is to renovate the building with 26 new housing units affordable to low and moderate income households and 12,000 SF of community‐oriented commercial space, revitalizing a historic asset and catalyzing development in the walkable core of Homestead’s downtown.