Our Services



We benchmark your building to find out how much energy it is consuming.



Energy Assessment


We perform a comprehensive on-site energy assessment to identify opportunities to reduce your energy bills and improve your building’s performance.



One Stop Report


We offer a customized report recommending practical, cost-effective energy savings retrofits for your property. Our report demonstrates project costs, available rebates, how much you can expect to save, and your return on investment.


Rebate Analysis


The One Stop team will help identify what rebates are available to you for our recommended retrofits and can help you apply for rebates through your utility company if you choose to make energy efficiency upgrades to your property.


Construction Management


If you choose to move forward, we will help you access available rebates, select contractors, and can manage the retrofit process on your behalf.


Education Modules


The One Stop team offers energy efficiency educational services for owners, managers, maintenance personnel and tenants.


One Stop Diagnostic Services

Infrared analysis


We use infrared cameras to identify areas of heat loss and moisture infiltration in your property. This is a cost-effective, reliable, and non-invasive method to find opportunities to improve efficiency and comfort in your building.


Lumen analysis


We use light meters to ensure that your lighting upgrade saves you money while maintaining the same amount of light.


Air Infiltration Analysis


We use blower doors as reliable, highly accurate and cost-effective method for determine how much air leakage your building has.

air filtration