How it works:





Complete The One Stop online application





We reach out to you to benchmark your building to find out how much energy it is using



Energy Assessment


We perform a comprehensive on-site energy assessment of your property



Recommended Improvements


We provide a customized report showing project costs, how much you can expect to save, and your return on investment



Construction Management


If you choose to move forward, we will help you access available rebates, select contractors, and can manage the retrofit process on your behalf.


Where we work:


The One Stop serves these Southwestern Pennsylvania Counties:

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Why Apply:


  • Making energy efficiency improvements can cut your energy costs.
  • Insulating drafty buildings reduces tenant complaints by improving tenant comfort.
  • Even newer buildings can have energy hogging lighting and equipment that can be retrofitted to save money and energy.
  • Updating building systems helps maintain your multifamily property
  • Improving efficiency in tenant units helps reduce tenant turnover.



For more information, please contact The One Stop at or give us a call at 412-281-2102 x2054.