The One Stop is a team of housing and energy experts working to preserve affordable multifamily housing in Western Pennsylvania through cost-effective energy and water efficiency retrofits.


Our team provides affordable multifamily property owners and managers with the expert energy analysis and technical assistance needed to make cost-effective upgrades that cut energy and water bills, reduce maintenance costs, and improve tenant comfort.


The One Stop is a division of ACTION Housing. As a developer and manager of multifamily affordable housing, we know how energy efficiency retrofits improve housing quality and enhance the bottom line. Our team will help you get there.


"The One Stop's mission is to improve and help preserve existing multifamily affordable housing in Western Pennsylvania through energy performance auditing, building retrofits, and educational services."



Why One Stop?

Inefficient buildings waste energy, water, and money. Making efficiency improvements can cut your bills, reduce maintenance costs, and make your building healthier and safer for your tenants.


Our expert staff will analyze your building, recommend practical, cost-effective upgrades and can manage the retrofit process on your behalf.


Apply to The One Stop today to see how you can start saving!