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Environmental sustainability is a top priority at ACTION-Housing.  We have focused on energy efficiency and environmental issues since the early 1980’s, but now, Green thinking is an integral part of every project we do.  Some of our green programs are:


Home weatherization is essential for homeowners to achieve energy use reductions. ACTION-Housing works with the US Department of Energy to provide free air sealing and furnace work for qualified low-income applicants in order to lower utility bills and help create a healthy home.

Sustainable Development

Energy efficiency, water conservation, and healthier living issues seem so commonsense now, but looking back a few years, few affordable housing developers and managers had the time or inclination to deal with them. Now, with the growing interest in "greening" the recognition of the financial impact of utility deregulation, and the understanding of the toxicity in many building and cleaning materials, building owners have started to ask how they can improve their properties.

Beginning in 2007, ACTION-Housing introduced environmental thinking into all of our development activities, including existing multifamily affordable housing, new multifamily and single family housing, property management, and tenant education. While initially focused on our own properties, ACTION-Housing readily embraced the idea of extending our efforts to other developers through collaborations, education and shared resources.