The Luteran family took advantage of the Allegheny County Accessibility program, allowing them to care for their daughter in the home for years to come.The Allegheny County Accessibility Program is a program that makes accessibility modifications to the homes of people with permanent physical disabilities.  Allegheny County residents that meet the eligibility requirements listed below can apply.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Household income must not exceed 80 percent of the area median income (see table below)
  • Full time resident of Allegheny County
  • Homeowner or Renter
  • Permanent physical disability that limits access to or limits use of the dwelling unit
  • Property to be modified must be in compliance with all local and state building codes
  • Property taxes must be paid up-to-date

Eligible adaptive modifications include:

  • Exterior ramps
  • Lifts for interior and exterior
  • Doorway widening
  • Visual doorbells and audio phone signaling devices
  • Automatic door openers
  • Bathroom modifications
  • Interior stair glides
  • Other adaptive modifications that will enable a person with disabilities to engage in daily living requirements

For more information, please contact Andrew Shull at: (412) 281-2102 x2036 or via email at

Allegheny County – 2013 Area Median Household Income

Income Limit Category

1 Person

2 Person

3 Person

4 Person

80% AMI





Add $4,150 for each additional household member. 

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