Funded through the Emergency Solutions Grants Program, ACTION-Housing has served thousands of individuals through the Homeless Families Services (HFS) Program since 1984.  The program is designed to address a broad range of problems and needs of homeless families and individuals throughout Pittsburgh and Allegheny County who are at various stages in the homeless cycle.  It includes outreach to shelters where housing resources and life skills classes are presented to residents.  Other services offered include:

  • Appropriate housing referrals
  • Classes in life skills training and budgeting
  • Employment searches
  • Personal counseling and referrals for education and child care
  • Assistance with basic needs: food, clothing, furniture, and household items

For more information, please call (412) 824-2444 

ACTION-Housing operates three properties with services for Homeless Families.

Braddock Apartments:

The Braddock Apartments pair intensive case management and support with the stability that permanent housing provides. Located in Downtown Braddock, the Braddock Apartments are for individuals with a history of homelessness. The housing component of the Braddock Apartments is paired with significant supportive services that helps to provide our clients with the stability and support they need to achieve self-sufficiency. 

The Residences at Wood Street (Formerly Wood Street Commons): 301 Wood Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222

At the request of the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and several local foundations, ACTION-Housing became involved in efforts to preserve Wood Street Commons and its 258 Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units for the homeless or those at-risk of homelessness located in Downtown Pittsburgh.  A new ownership corporation was formed, The Residences at Wood Street (RWS), with representatives from ACTION-Housing, Community Human Services, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Department of Economic Development, and the Foundation community.  The acquisition was completed in 2009 and the new owners immediately began fundraising to address deferred maintenance issues at the building.  ACTION-Housing acted as the “managing general partner,” Community Human Services continued to provide a wide range of services to the residents and NDC Real Estate was engaged to manage the property.  RWS was successful in raising $4.0 million to replace building systems and to maximize energy efficiency.  RWS continues to seek additional funds to renovate the commercial space and attract a tenant(s) for the space which is approximately 50% of the building.  Occupancy of the commercial space is the final piece in stabilizing the operation of RWS.

McKeesport Downtown Housing: 523 Sinclair Street, McKeesport, PA 15132

In 2010, the Department of Human Services for Allegheny County approached ACTION-Housing to own/manage the McKeesport YMCA.  The McKeesport YMCA was merging with the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh and the decision was made to close the facility which had 84 Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units.  ACTION-Housing agreed to manage the building and to lead the effort ot preserve these housing units for the homeless or those at-risk of homelessness.  After determining that it was feasible to continue to operate the structure as SRO housing, ACTION-Housing was successful in receiving an allocation of $10 million in Low Income Housing Tax Credits which will be used to completely renovate the property.  Construction will incorporate the latest technology and, when completed in 2013, will be the first multifamily Passive House in the United States.

Connecting Residents to Essential Services

Consistent with its founding principles, SHMS attempts to incorporate supportive services for residents at all of its properties. Funding provided by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) covers the costs for Service Coordinators at HUD-funded senior developments.  These initiatives have resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of life for residents, and an increase in the number of residents aging in place.

The Service Coordination Program was initiated in 1998, to ensure that SHMS residents maintained their independence and improved their quality of life. Since its inception, the Service Coordination program has successfully connected residents to essential supportive services and resources, allowing them to remain in their units and eliminating the added cost of transferring to a long-term care facility.

The program operates in 12 Developments containing 538 units of housing primarily in Allegheny County, with one property located in Center Township, Beaver County.

The Service Coordination program is comprised of several components:

  • Case management and information and referral services.
  • Implementation of health and wellness programs and presentations featuring knowledgeable speakers on topics of general interest. Blood pressure clinics and medication and disease management programs are established in many buildings to promote good health.
  • Partnerships with established community service providers. Service Coordinators partner with senior centers, houses of worship, schools, local universities, elected officials, and pharmacies to inform residents of the resources within the community.

Darlington Road Apartments in Squirrel Hill.In 1990, ACTION-Housing established its management entity, Supportive Housing Management Services (SHMS), as a result of its mission-oriented need to have a more direct role in the physical management of its growing portfolio of properties, and the need to ensure a better delivery system of supportive services to enrich the lives of its residents.  Today, SHMS is a full service management company with an annual operating budget approaching $7 million.

SHMS manages 35 Developments comprised of 1,289 units located in four counties—Allegheny, Beaver, Westmoreland, and Somerset—as follows:

  • Very low-income persons with disabilities: 10 Developments containing 153 units
  • Very low-income seniors: 16 Developments containing 700 units
  • Low-income families: 6 Developments containing 314 units
  • Homeless individuals: 3 Developments containing 122 units

12 of these developments, comprising 538 units of housing, have Service Coordinators who act as liaisons between residents and service providers in the community to address resident needs.  The Service Coordination Program was initiated in 1998 to ensure that SHMS residents maintained their independence.  Since its inception, the Service Coordination program has successfully connected residents to essential supportive services and resources, allowing them to remain in their units and eliminating the added cost of transferring to a long-term care facility.

Search for Properties

Penn Mathilda Apartments - Open for applicants!

ACTION-Housing will be accepting applications for the Penn Mathilda Apartments, located at 4816 Penn Avenue in Bloomfield, beginning October 15, 2015. Move-in will begin in February of 2016.

There are 33 one-bedroom units and six two-bedroom units in the building – half of the units have a preference for veterans.

For Applicants

  • Off street parking
  • Secure bicycle parking
  • Community room
  • ADA accessibility 
  • On-site laundry
  • No pets are allowed

Income restrictions:

- Single tenants - household income must be less than $29,220 per year
- Two tenants - households income must be less than $33,360 per year

Rent Cost and Application:

Rent starts at $605/month for a one bedroom apartment and $730/month for a two-bedroom apartment and includes utilities. Please note that applications postmarked before October 15th will not be accepted.

Download Application Here 

Dave Wright Apartments - Open for applicants!

ACTION-Housing, Inc., a non-profit affordable housing provider is seeking applicants for its newest building, the Dave Wright Apartments, located at 1842 Washington Pike, Heidelberg, PA.

  • 42 Affordable Apartments in Heidelberg
  • 21 Units with a preference for person’s who have been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum
  • 1 and 2 Bedroom Units Available
  • Scheduled Opening Fall of 2016

For more information and application, click here


Am I Eligible?

Eligibility is based on a number of factors, with age, income and disabilities being the most common. Income eligibility is based on the area median income (AMI), as determined by HUD.  Income eligibility ranges from waitlist preferences for people below 30 percent of AMI, while other buildings with some market rate units available. Other buildings are designated or have designated units for people with disabilities, and many are specifically for seniors.  Use our property search function (= Link to Find Housing/Search for Housing) in conjunction with the income guidelines below to determine your eligibility.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania – 2017 Area Median Income

Income Limit Category

1 Person

2 Person

3 Person

4 Person

5 Person

30% AMI






50% AMI






80% AMI






How do I apply?

Fill out an application. If you do not know what properties you are specifically applying to, use our search page here to find housing that matches your needs.  We will get back to you shortly about the status of your application.

What is Subsidized Housing?

Subsidized Housing refers to housing for people of moderate means that is supported through government funds. We preserve, develop, manage, and facilitate subsidized housing for a number of populations, including the elderly, people with special needs, and families with moderate incomes.

What is a Section 8 Voucher?

A Section 8 voucher refers to a specific kind of subsidy that allows the recipient to choose an affordable housing option of their choice. As long as a landlord agrees to participate, the Section 8 voucher will cover part of the cost of rent, while the tenant pays the difference. Participation in the Section 8 Voucher program also comes with health and safety regulations to ensure that the housing is decent, sanitary and safe for the occupants.