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ACTION-Housing, Inc. Board of Directors


Michael L. Dear, PRESIDENT*
Sherry Miller Brown, Ph. D,VICE PRESIDENT*
Edward M. Wielgus, VICE PRESIDENT*
John E. Capozzi, SECRETARY*
Richard G. Savido, TREASURER*


Paul D’Alesandro
Scott L. Brown
Susan Maloney, CPA
David Serafini
Joan W. Stein
Eileen Stevenson
John L. Tague, Jr.
James Thomas


Raymond N. Baum, Esq.


AHI and CHI Affordable Housing, Inc. Combined Board of Directors


Rebecca Yago, PRESIDENT
Lawrence A. Swanson, VICE PRESIDENT
Linda Metropulos, VICE PRESIDENT
John E. Capozzi, SECRETARY
Stephanie Cipriani, VICE PRESIDENT
Richard G. Savido, TREASURER


Paul D’Alesandro
Eden Harriss
Frank Demes
Connie Buza
Kirk T. Rys


* = Executive Committee Member

Careers at ACTION-Housing

ACTION-Housing is looking to fill the following positions. ACTION-Housing, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


AHI Development is hiring two full-time Maintenance positions.  The incumbent(s) must have experience with electrical & carpentry work, painting, apartment reconditioning, and minor plumbing repairs. 

 Please see the attached job description for a complete summary of responsibilities and qualifications.

 If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to Ron Donner at by 5pm Friday June 29, 2018