Am I Eligible?

Eligibility is based on a number of factors, with age, income and disabilities being the most common. Income eligibility is based on the area median income (AMI), as determined by HUD.  Income eligibility ranges from waitlist preferences for people below 30 percent of AMI, while other buildings with some market rate units available. Other buildings are designated or have designated units for people with disabilities, and many are specifically for seniors.  Use our property search function (= Link to Find Housing/Search for Housing) in conjunction with the income guidelines below to determine your eligibility.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania – 2019 Area Median Income

Income Limit Category

1 Person

2 Person

3 Person

4 Person

5 Person

30% AMI






50% AMI






80% AMI






How do I apply?

Fill out an application. If you do not know what properties you are specifically applying to, use our search page here to find housing that matches your needs.  We will get back to you shortly about the status of your application.

What is Subsidized Housing?

Subsidized Housing refers to housing for people of moderate means that is supported through government funds. We preserve, develop, manage, and facilitate subsidized housing for a number of populations, including the elderly, people with special needs, and families with moderate incomes.

What is a Section 8 Voucher?

A Section 8 voucher refers to a specific kind of subsidy that allows the recipient to choose an affordable housing option of their choice. As long as a landlord agrees to participate, the Section 8 voucher will cover part of the cost of rent, while the tenant pays the difference. Participation in the Section 8 Voucher program also comes with health and safety regulations to ensure that the housing is decent, sanitary and safe for the occupants.