Bob Romito has always felt most comfortable in the East Liberty area, where he grew up. He’s lived many other places (including Italy and Asia) but has always returned to his favorite neighborhood. Most recently, he’s been living in the Penn Plaza apartments, but like all other Penn Plaza residents, he’s being evicted as the building owner redevelops the property.

So he’s moving into ACTION-Housing’s Penn Mathilda Building. 


“Staying in the City – and in this neighborhood – is very important to me,” He says. “I have kids, I have grandkids. I like to walk.”


He likes a lot of other things about Penn Mathilda, too. “I like that there will be so many veterans in the building. People form good habits in the military. I’m 75 and was in the military forever ago, but I still respect people who have been through that training.”


While he doesn’t move into his new space until April 1, Bob is appreciative of the care put into the entire process. He credits Penn Mathilda Property Manager Mike Demes with being exceptionally responsive, and calls his new home “new and clean and compact, with lots of windows.”


“I wanted to face the street. The windows are so big. I wanted to look out and feel like my apartment was even bigger.”