In recognition of his talent and dedication to creating works of public art for all to enjoy, ACTION-Housing is proud to name James Simon our first ever recipient of our new "Artists and Cities Award." 

ACTION-Housing understands that our buildings impact communities beyond our walls, which is why high quality design is crucial our mission. Public art serves the same function: it has the power to dramatically change the perception of a space, and uplift the neighborhood around it. 

James has designed and constructed numerous public art displays, but his work in Uptown, where he resides, stands out. Uptown's plentiful public art and new development are changing the neighborhood's perception after decades of disinvestment. At ACTION-Housing's newest property, the Uptown Lofts, James constructed a mosaic for one of the development's two buildings. The result is new development and new art at the gateway to Uptown, instead of vacant lots.   

We would like to congratulate James, and thank him for all of his work making Pittsburgh a much more livable city.